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TanT2 Centre Mailing List Database

One of the major functions of TanT2 Centre is clearing-house for transportation information where technological information from within the country and different parts of the world is collected, sorted and tailored to suit local conditions and then disseminated across the whole transport industry from the national to local level. The TanT2 Centre enables users and providers of all modes of transport in the country to keep pace with the fast changing transportation technology.

To accomplish effectively the Centre’s clearinghouse role and effectively disseminate information to stakeholders, the Centre maintains a mailing list that is large database of individuals and institutions with stake in the transportation industry inside and outside Tanzania. The list is far too large to use for one mailing list, and even includes contact information for people that do not regularly receive mails.

Detailed information in each record allows the centre to build powerful queries to send exactly the right information to exactly the right people.

Dear Stakeholder, if you would like to be added on the TanT2 Centre mailing list or update your contact information, please fill in the TanT2 Centre Mailing List Form..

We thank you for your support.

C/O University of Dar Es Salaam - College of Engineering and Technology
Highway and Transportation Lab. Building

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