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Who we are
The Tanzania Transportation Technology Transfer (TanT2) Centre is a clearing-house for transportation information where technological information from within the country and different parts of the world is collected sorted and tailored to suit local conditions and then disseminated across the whole transport industry in Tanzania from national to local level. The Centre also, has been established for the purposes of coordinating, developing and conducting all the activities of training, education, technical assistance, research and development in pursuit of the objectives of the TanT2 centre.

The TanT2 Centre aims at improving the quality of all modes of transport at all levels in the country through technology transfer.

The Government of Tanzania (GOT) through the Ministry of Works established the Tanzania Transportation Technology Transfer (TanT2) Centre in August 1997. The Centre was established in collaboration with the then Faculty of Engineering of the University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM) and with support from the United States Federal Highway Administration (US FHWA). To-date the Centre has established partnership and collaborations with various local and international institutions including the World Road Association (PIARC),United States Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (US DOT FAA), Institute of Transportation Engineers of USA, TRL of UK, Tanzania Global Development Learning Centre, Economic and Social Research Foundation, Technology Transfer Centres and other transportation resource institutions worldwide.

The Centre is an institution attached to Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) under the Ministry of Works. The Centre structure comprises two sections of Clearinghouse, and Training and Research with a support unit of Finance and Administration. The Centre has an Advisory Committee of 13 members representing stakeholders from public and private institutions in the transport sector in Tanzania.
The Centre Offices are located within the Highway and Transportation Laboratory Building, Prospective College of Engineering and Technology, University of Dar Es Salaam.
To be renowned nationally and internationally as the paramount resource in developing and transferring innovative and appropriate technologies, proven solutions and reliable services to successfully resolve the challenges facing the transportation community in Tanzania.
To foster safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable transportation systems in Tanzania by improving skills and knowledge of transportation providers and users through training, technical assistance and technology transfer.
To accomplish the vision and mission statement, the Centre has five major objectives:
• Diversify and deliver quality customer services
• Develop customer oriented needs-driven programs
• Promote effective utilisation of technology transfer centre services
• Enhance technology transfer and networking
• Obtain sustainable and predictable funding
To accomplish the vision, mission and objectives the Centre has nine functions
• Conduct training and technical assistance programmes
• Provide information on new and existing appropriate technologies
• Maintain a mailing list of stakeholders
• Serve as a clearinghouse for transportation information
• Publish quarterly newsletter
• Carry out applied research and development activities
• Promote and co-ordinate TRAC programme in Tanzania
• Promote and co-ordinate community transportation programmes in Tanzania
• Perform an annual self-evaluation of the programmes
Our Customers
• Road Authorities/ Departments
• Providers of other Modes of Transportation (Motorised and Non-motorised, Railway, Airways, Maritime and Pipeline)
• Contractors and Consultants
• Trade Associations
• Mass Transit Providers
• Transportation Decision Makers
• Transporters
• Law Makers and Enforcers
• Environmental Organisations
• Academic and Research Institutions
• Manufacturers and Suppliers of Construction Materials
• Manufacturers and Suppliers of Traffic and Safety Hardware
• Users of All Modes of Transportation
• Social Service Providers
• Fire and Emergency Medical Services Providers
• Transportation Advocacy Groups
• The General Public
C/O University of Dar Es Salaam - College of Engineering and Technology
Highway and Transportation Lab. Building

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  E-mail: info@tant2centre.or.tz
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