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  TanT2 Centre Transportation Lending Library

Resources at the TanT2 Centre Library

The Tanzania Transportation Technology Transfer (TanT2) Centre has established an electronic library effective August 2004 aiming at improving the efficient use of its services and providing an environment for users to be able to access the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) through the Centre’s website. TanT2 Centre Library is automated utilizing the Inmagic library management software. The System has a powerful search index, with the ability to search full text.

The TanT2 Centre Library maintains a specialised collection in the area of transportation and related subjects. The stock is divided into four major categories:
(i) Books
(ii) Periodicals (PER)
(iii) Audio Visual Materials (AVM)
(iv) Pamphlets

All four categories are stored in separate holdings. Among them there are specially selected titles christened Reference (REF). These are for use in the library only.

Library Collection
A collection of approximately 2,500 books is available for loan or reference to members. There are also 1,700 audiovisual materials that include 250 videotapes, 2 audiocassettes, 385 CD-ROMs, 11 DVDs, and 1053 slides for loan to members.

Library Usage
Use of the Library is for both members and non-members. The library lends books, videotapes, audiocassettes, CD-ROMs, DVDs and slides, to registered members only. A library member intending to borrow a book/audio visual material will be required to do so at the issue desk.

For more information on use of the electronic library, users are advised to refer to the “Transportation Lending Library User Guide”

TanT2 Centre Library Catalogue

Tips on Searching the TanT2 Centre Web Catalogue

• Select keywords, author, or title prior to searching the catalogue. Anyword will search all fields of a record.
• Enter your chosen keyword, title, or author in the search field. Typing in more than one word separated by & achieves a Boolean search.
• Inmagic software also allows you to search using range, proximity and dates.
• Any particular search will give you all records available at the library.


Library Rules and Regulations

1. Admission to the library is for both members and non-members.

2. A membership card must be presented upon entering the library and before any library materials are issued

3. For non-members, the respective daily fee must be paid for use of the library

4. All packages, bags, parcels, overcoats and similar objects must be left in the place provided for them at the entrance.

5. Switch off mobile phones at the entrance or put it in a silence mode.

6. Silence must be observed in the Library at all times.

7. Smoking is not permitted in the Library.

8. Library users must attend to their own personal belongings, as the Library will not be liable for any losses or damage.

9. Do not eat or drink in the Library.

10. Readers must behave in a manner that will cause neither disturbance to other readers nor damage to Library materials.

11. The assistant at the issue desk will insist that a reader show all their books on leaving the library as a precaution against illegal removal of books.

12. Appropriate measures will be taken against persons found guilty of stealing and/ or mutilating Library property.

13. The TanT2 Centre reserves the right to restrict admission.

C/O University of Dar Es Salaam - College of Engineering and Technology
Highway and Transportation Lab. Building

Tel:+255 22 2410335   Fax:+255 22 2410335  
  E-mail: info@tant2centre.or.tz
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